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We are so honored to serve the Alpha Zeta chapter of Phi Mu as Membership Director. We could not be more excited for your journey here at UA! Before we open the doors of Phi Mu, we wanted to share with you the wonderful impact this chapter has made on my life. 

When I went through recruitment, I knew I wanted to join a sorority that would encourage me to become involved on campus, serve my community and inspire me to become the best version of myself. I found all of this and more in Phi Mu. The once unfamiliar faces that surrounded me, quickly became my family. The women in this house are my biggest supporters, my role models and most importantly, my sisters. Words alone cannot express how thankful I am for the all of the genuine friendships and memorable experiences that this chapter has given me. I can say with confidence that my college experience would not be the same without the women of Phi Mu.     

- Ally-Anna Outlaw PC 21'

My biggest hope for you is to find yourself surrounded by women who encourage you, support you and stand by you no matter what season of life you find yourself in. I am so excited for each of you and for all the many great things that are coming your way and look forward to meeting all of you this fall!

- Kaylie Bitterman PC 21'​

2024 Recruitment Schedule

Join Us!!!


May 1, 2024


August 10: Convocation & Open House 

August 11-13: In-Person Philanthropy Round

August 14-16: In-Person Sisterhood Round

August 17: In-Person Preference Round 


August 18, 2024

Please note that Alpha Zeta and Phi Mu Fraternity does not accept any kind of recommendation for potential new members as of 2023.

These changes empower our collegiate chapters to make their own membership decisions and reduce barriers to joining by allowing each Potential New Member the same opportunity to receive an invitation for membership to Phi Mu.

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