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Our core values of love, honor and truth, in principle and in practice, demand a commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion throughout Phi Mu Fraternity. Our steadfast sisterhood is strong because all members are respected, valued and celebrated for who they are.

We believe our strength lies within the aspects of our identities that make us each unique. As an

organization we strive to highlight and celebrate these differences. We acknowledge the work

that needs to be done and we vow to move forward with new knowledge gained and insights

learned to cultivate the best sisterhood we can. We recognize that commitment to DEI entails

continuous efforts to promote ceaseless growth within our members. We have a vision to inspire

and instill a commitment to lifelong learning. We are dedicated to providing our members with

the resources they need through internal programming opportunities and access to external

events. We are committed to constantly engaging in productive and informative conversations

and actions surrounding the ideals of DEI. These necessary steps are integral to building a

culture of acceptance and belonging for all current and future members.

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