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New Member Education

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From our Provisional Member Director

The Phi Program is an eight week experience that helps new members transition into the Alpha Zeta chapter and learn about our chapter’s history, values, and special bond of sisterhood. Throughout the program, we provide our members with events from pledge class movie nights or campus wide scavenger hunts to other events such as the annual Big Little Reveal. These activities give our new members an opportunity to bond with not only each other, but also members of older pledge classes. The bond between our new members and older girls is something we value highly as it provides role models and mentors for the phi’s to look up to throughout their years. Our goal is to make our new members feel at home as soon as possible and to lay a foundation for the rest of their college experience by fostering a community of driven, involved, uplifting, and confident young women.
-Anna Claire Kinsey, PC '21

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