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Frequently asked questions

1. Who can provide a reference?
References may be provided by a Phi Mu collegian, alumna or by an alumnae chapter. References may also be provided from an alumnae Panhellenic or by members of three National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities if a Phi Mu alumnae or alumnae chapter endorses it.

2. When is the deadline for a sending a reference?
Recruitment dates vary for each of our collegiate chapters. Visit the specific Phi Mu chapter website for the school she is attending to find out recruitment dates and deadlines. It is best to send a references with plenty of time before the start of recruitment. For a full listing of collegiate chapter websites, visit the Chapter Locator.

3. How many reference letters does a potential new member need?
One well-written reference is sufficient. Additional references are accepted, but not necessary.

4. Does my recommendation guarantee an invitation to membership?
Phi Mu's collegiate chapters are instructed to carefully consider all potential new members for whom they receive a reference. However, membership selection is ultimately the privilege and the responsibility of each collegiate chapter. A reference letter, a letter of recommendation or a women's legacy status does not guarantee an invitation to membership.

5. Will I be notified if the women I recommend does not get invited back to Phi Mu?
Phi Mu chapters no longer make phone calls to Phi Mu relatives or Phi Mu alumnae who wrote references on behalf of the potential new member if the member is released. This is to protect the privacy of the potential new member.

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